Testing Testing Testing…

Thanks to Toby C., the WeLoveAllUs website is now managed through WordPress.

Let the template experimentation begin!

PayPal is all set up too, now I just need a few hours to get it all hooked up.

It’s like I’ve been tossed the keys to a new car, but I’ve got a to-do list to knock out before I go for a test drive 🙂





1.) XL’s are available for purchase. Email me (mark@weloveallus.com) if you want one.

2.) Order more Mediums and Larges yesterday.

3.) This is my first blog post in a month, that’s not cool.

4.) How do I make this thing sticky?


Here I am…

…here I am.

11:27pm, 6/13/12, STILL not quite done with the responsibilites I have as a human being to maintain my sanity, and yet I’m still thinking about these darn shirts! I really believe in this thing. I imagine stuff. I see a t-shirt making a big subtle impact in a life. Like, making a brain elevate without elevating, type of subtle impact. It’s exciting to think about the possibility of someone in China ordering a We.Love.All.Us. t-shirt. Or, even figuring out all of the various languages translations there are. Or, what a poster catalogue would look like.

“Just do it,” she says.

“You gotta pay to play,” he says.

I’m strongly considering making 24 shirts and sending them out to a carefully selected group of artists, photographers, and writers. See if I can get a unique type of feedback. Like Bon Iver or something. I think Bon Iver would love this thing!! It takes three weeks to make these shirts, so, I’m thinking the sooner I order the shirts, the sooner  a finish line would be set to complete the list of people and have ACTUAL addresses…

…if I don’t order the shirts by noon on 6/19/12, every person that calls me out on it gets a sticker… there I said it.

Sleepy time.


Gotta Get a Sticker on That Board!!

I’ve been watching Brett and Kilian videos for over a year now… every video is absolutely amazing.

How can we go about getting a We.Love.All.Us. sticker on that board!!!! 🙂

Here’s the new video they put together, ‘Kilian Martin: Altered Route’. Looks like Mercedes Benz sponsored it which is an awesome achievement for these two!

I wish these guys mucho continued success; contemporary artistic talent at its finest.


New Look and Direction…

The landing page for http://www.weloveallus.com is finally up! Talk about nerve-racking. Thanks to Peter for helping me out with all of that. I’m certain that there are gramatical errors and I’m sure I can work on the overall structure…

…but I’m thinking that I’ll get editing done much quicker knowing that I’m dealing with a live document that can be seen by folks all over the world 🙂

In the meantime, I’m going to make some tweaks to the blog site. It’s time for a fresh look to commemorate phase 1 of the site!!!

FOR REAL, to everybody reading this, at the end of the day, I’m just a dude with some great apparel concepts. If something doesn’t look or sound right on the site, LET ME KNOW!

This thing is a work in progress.

(My mom and I already had a philisophical debate about the approach of using “I” on the landing page.)

I’m all ears because I really want to this work, I really want to do this! So email me (mark@weloveallus.com) with any comments or concerns about the landing page. All feedback is appreciated.

There’s only way to go from here!