Book Review: ‘100 Ways to Motivate Yourself’

[1 of 12: 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself by Steve Chandler]

For my first book review of 2012, I thought I’d open it up with a good ‘ol YouTube video. (This video does contain adult language, so beware).

Clip taken from George Carlin’s: Complaints & Grievances (2001)

What’s funny is that AFTER I finished 100 Ways, I randomly saw this stand-up on Netflix. I immediately pulled the book out of my back-pack, and there it was, clear as day written on the back in bold, “Self-Help” 🙂

I say, mix it up every now and then. Cruising through the “Self-Help” aisle at Barnes won’t kill you. Throw in a Deepak Chopra title in between your Saga, Mystery and Sci-Fi novels.

Steve Chandler’s 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself is exactly what the title says it is, 100 (really 101) motivational concepts/ideas that can change how you approach progress in your life. The cool thing about the book is that it’s a surprisingly easy read; the pace isn’t bogged down with boring scientific research or stale explanations. In roughly 200 pages, Chandler puts 101 forward progress and thinking ideas on the table, that’s it.

You don’t have to incoorperate every idea into your life, that would be overwhelming. If you find that you only gravitate toward one of the 101, that’s perfectly fine! That’s atleast one small thing you can start doing NOW that might have a positive impact on how you approach your daily grind. The key is: allow yourself to pick one!

100 Ways is definitely a short read that packs a big punch. Chandler is a motivational speaker. He gets paid to speak to people about how they could think, wrap your brain around that! In between the lines though is a rich list of simple tactics and tweaks one can do to change how they perceive this crazy journey of life. The book also is a neat source that sparks curiosity for other reads; I added a J. Krishnamurti and a M. Scott Peck book to my list of possible future reads.

While I found helpful tidbits of info scattered throughout the entire book, I only ‘starred’ one chapter/idea, “39. Come to Your Own Rescue”. I’m not sure why this was the only one I ‘starred’; I underlined every sentence in other chapters. Maybe it was the one I gravitated to the most, who knows. Here’s an exerpt to give you taste of Chandler’s pace and tone,

“…Most people today think others can bestow self-esteem on us. Such misguided thinking leads to phenomena such as classes without grades and work without standards of excellence. Perhaps you heard about the Little League group in Pennsylvania that wanted to eliminate keeping score from baseball games because of the damage that losing does to children’s self-esteem. When we confuse pampering and coddling with instilling self-esteem, we really encourage the upbringing of young, sensitive children who have no inner strength whatsoever. When it comes time for such overpraised, underachieving kids to find success in the competitive global marketplace, they will be confused, fearful, and ineffective.” (pages 83-84)

Great stuff. Great book. I highly suggest 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself to anyone searching for ways to remix their soundtrack.


“How we change in the next 5 years will depend on the books we read and the people we meet.”


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