App Review: My ‘Clear’ Week

Last week was one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a while. My balancing act: two odd jobs, my dblthink partnership,, dog-sitting, and prep for a big-time all-day Saturday meeting. In addition, I couldn’t forget all of the interpersonal responsibilities OUTSIDE of my business self. Somehow, the universe sent me the iPhone app ‘Clear’ a few days before the week started. Understanding that I had a hectic week and a strong desire for it to be a productive one, I turned to ‘Clear’ Sunday night to set up a general to-do list for Monday…

Monday morning came. The weight of the week was heavy on my mind the moment I put my feet on the ground, but I told myself to just focus on the to-do list. I must have looked at the list twice before I left my apartment because my brain wanted to start flying off to Thursday and Friday. Once I got to work and sat down, I looked at the list again. I turned on my computer and forced myself to do the first thing on the list to get the ball rolling…

Ahhh. That was easy. Seven more to go.

“Okay, I think I can do this!” And my ‘Clear’ week started. It was still me at work, but I was internally different. I constantly kept tabs on my to-do list; what was left? how much more time do I have? do I have to do that here or can I do that when I get home? Monday ended up being a daze, but when I unlocked my phone to set my alarm clock for Tuesday morning, I quickly checked out how I did with my to-do list…

🙂 Not bad! An easy drag motion upwards to clear the list and this appears…

Dang! “Repeat step one,” I told myself. I quickly made a list for Tuesday, set my alarm clock and went to sleep. And I repeated this event every night of the week. And here I am at work on Monday, starting another week, but starting it with an unusual sense of optimism and a surprising amount of energy. I made it through last week!

This is my first official app review and I’m ignorant on layouts. I just googled ‘app review’ and saw some reviews of app at MacWorld. It looks like folks appreciate quick reviews and some kind of rating system. So here it goes.

If you’re looking to change up how YOU plan YOUR day, make sense of your busy schedule, and/or redefine ‘productivity’ in your life, locate ‘Clear’ in the Apple App Store, download it for $1.99, and embrace the timeless awesome impact of the to-do list.

Founder Dan Counsell and his team at Realmac Software have created an app that leaves the user perplexed and confused how the simple design of ‘Clear’ can play a large roll in the outcome of a day. Basic color schemes. Easy to understand design. Wonderfully crafted transitions. Cherry on top quotes from legendary movers and shakers to inspire forward-thinking. ‘Clear’ is truly the best app (that I’ve personally used) for task-management available for the iPhone.

‘Clear’ focuses on one simple question: “What do I need to get done today?” It’s a powerful question that we rarely ask ourselves because we’ve created lives that are filled with so much… stuff… we either don’t take the time or realize that this is an important question we must ask ourselves on a daily basis.

Concept: Awesome

User Interface: Awesome

Experience After Use: Awesome

Overall Rating: Get It!


Four Circle Game‘ here I come!! The next level: Daily, monthly, yearly and lifetime to-do lists. Can ‘Clear’ handle that action?


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