‘Matthew Brown: I Dig What You Do’

It’s late, I’m tired and it’s time to get ready for bed. I conclude that a couple minutes of Vimeo videos would satisfy my viewing entertainment quota for the day. “Just watch something, anything,” I told myself. First video up, “My Boyfriend is Pixelated” by Matthew Brown. “Why not,” I said, after-all it’s Valentine’s Day.


There I was, sitting on the edge of my couch, thinking about all of the little things I had to do before I got in bed. About 30 seconds into the video, I found myself nestling into the cushions, subconsciously reaching for popcorn. The video is 2:14 minutes long and yet I was fully immersed in what turned out to be a wonderfully rich love story. It had all of the elements that make storytelling fascinating; characters, conflict, and resolution. At the end of the video, I felt like I just left the movie theatre: I wanted to share what I saw with others, discuss how/if they were moved, and find information on the person/people that came up with the concept.

According to Matthew’s Vimeo profile, his work is called “visual storytelling.” I’m sold. It’s refreshing to see that storytelling can be anything you want it be, as long as you put your heart into it. Matthew uses the tools and talents he has been given to acheive his version of storytelling. With a little research, you will find that amazing stories live in places you wouldn’t expect.

Matt reminds us that everybody has a story and it’s important to tell it like you see it.

If you have time, check out a few other ‘video journal entries’ from Matt. My favorites so far are Dreaming It{aly} and 101m World Record Dive.

Start changing your perceptions of great storytelling, it’ll expand the way you think.

Thanks Matthew and Vimeo!


Matt, I’d enjoy finding out more about how you approach your craft. Maybe my first interview experiment can be you! Hit me up: mark@weloveallus.com


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