In and Out: The Grammy’s

I haven’t seen The Grammy’s in years, but I checked them out while I was knocking out some computer work last night. Here’s some thoughts on the show, in between the show included.

-Bruno rocked his performance. Springsteen was good, but it looks like Bruno could’ve held down the opening spot as well.

-Jay-Z and Mr. West, they couldn’t make it to L.A. to receive their award?!? Master plan or just the circumstances?

-I can tell a phone to only refer to me as ‘King of Kings‘? What happens when we get into a car, put an iPhone into the “iPhone Deck”, and the car instantly knows everything but where to go. #toomuch or #justaroundthecorner ?

-How long can Chris keep on doing this? I like it, but how old is too old to be doing acrobatics on stage? He’s got too much talent to waste, he’s gotta think of his future…

-Wow, Chipotle’s advertising department, I didn’t know it existed! Damn good commercial, on so many levels.

-Common walked out to ‘Go’. A song featuring John Mayer, recorded about 7 years ago. #imjustsayin.

-The Civil Wars are cool.

-Artist that I need to check out: Joe Morello. Antonio Carlos Jobim. Composer, theorist and teacher Milton Babbit, very interesting.

-Bon Iver, so that’s how you pronounce it. Also cool.

– Touché Chris Brown, toché. Skillex, David Guetta AND Lil’ Wayne. Foo Fighters AND Deadmou5! #nextlevel

-“Say hello to my little friends!” -Google+ Marketing Department says to Apple.

-Ms. Vergara, you are getting paid, that’s three major brands I counted, three!

-Well done Cosmopolitan, I don’t watch Glee, but if something like this was on Netflix, I’d give it shot.

-“Nikki Manaj everybody!” … “Lady Antebullum everybody!” Whoa whoa whoa Grammy’s, let me locate my face so I can put it back on before you continue!

-Must research Sir Paul McCartney’s relationship with The Grammy’s when I have time.

All-in-all, the 54th Grammy Awards Show was pretty good. I miss the music, but it’s Monday, back to work!



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