How It Feels To Be Free

Oh the words… oh the words. The feeling. Wouldn’t it be nice?

I’m sitting here at work tired of being frustrated, frustrated of being tired. I’m overwhelmed with being scared and yet I find  myself focusing on the calmness of my breathing. It helps me remember that frustrations are meant to be conquered.

I needed some music this morning, so I put on some Nina Simone. Ran into her song ‘How It Feels To Be Free’; her words smacked me gut so hard! I thought I was about to cry for a second!

I needed to hear this song today and I’m thankful that I did. Being free, it sounds so nice doesn’t it!

“I wish I could be like a bird in the sky, how sweet it would be to find that I could fly. I’d soar to the sun and look down at the sea, then I’d sing, ’cause I know, how it feels to be free. Then I’d sing, ’cause I’d know, how it is to be free.”

Ms. Nina Simone, you are correct, my spirit is a movin’. Amazing song, amazing performance.

Thank you.




4 thoughts on “How It Feels To Be Free

  1. I think that I might have been with you broham! I was like, “how the hell can I get out off this… This feeling, this place, this everywhere…” decided to take my frustration to the gym! Happy to say I’ve been going daily in efforts to find focus and peace… The muscles are just a perk lol!

    Thanks for sharing man!

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