1. ‘Coração a Batucar’ by Maria Rita: Everybody needs chill tunes to put on while they are putting together an excellent meal in the kitchen right? A glass of wine or beer, a new recipe and a few hours. I have no idea what kind of playlist Pandora will create using this song, but it’s worth a shot. Brazilian music like this always seems to go perfect with creating something special in the kitchen.

Maria Rita’s new album Elo has a lot a great songs, but ‘Coração a Batucar’ is the stand-out song for me. Music runs in Maria’s family; her father, Cesar Camargo Mariano, is a famous Brazilian instrumentalist (2006 Latin Recording Academy Lifetime Acheivement Grammy Award recipient)  and her mother, Elis Regina, is a Brazilian vocal icon. Maria Rita has been able to carve out her own sound and success over the years however with a slew of Grammy nominations and wins. Her star will continue to rise with songs like ‘Coração a Batucar’. Have fun in the kitchen!

2. ‘Star’ (feat. Tabi Bonney & One Chance) by Kidz In the Hall: Had to pick this one for the beat. It’s a good head nodder. Cruising type music. Period.

‘Star’ can be found on Occasion, the Chicago based duo’s fourth studio album. These two met at a University of Pennsylvania talent show in 2000 and hit it off big time. In 2007, Kidz started to get national buzz with their Pro-Obama single ‘Work To Do It’. Soon after, they signed to New York City based Duck Down Records. ‘Star’ is a great purchase for those folks that need a little pick-me-up in the middle of the week! Check it out.

3. ‘I Don’t Want Love’ (Peter’s Version) by The Antlers: Let me first say, I actually don’t know the lyrics to the song; while I clearly can make out “I don’t want love” in the chorus, I don’t hear what’s going on in the verses. That being said, this recording is awesomely attractive to me. It’s probably the feeling of simplicity I’m drawn to the most. I see a dark stage, a stool, a dude and his guitar, a spotlight, a mic and a thin line of smoke coming from some incense; black and white type stuff. It’s not the fact that he’s saying, “I don’t want love”; it’s the fact that he has found a way to say what he feels, without a lot of mess or confusion or orchestration. I think a lot of folks can relate to songs like this because all of us, at some point, yearn for a quiet stage, and a stool and spotlight and a moment to be all heart, all soul, all Self.

 ‘I Don’t Want Love’ can be found on Together, a collection of remixes to previously released music from The Antlers. The original version of the song was released earlier this year on Burst Apart. The Antlers are based out of New York City and in the next four months will be performing in Istanbul, New York, Miami, Cozumel, Mexico and London! World travelers! Great song.

YOU’VE GOT MY ATTENTION: I’ve already shared this video on Facebook and G+ but I thought I’d give it some extra love on the blog as well. I talked about this song last week and a few days later discovered the video on YouTube. It’s a Christmas classic with a contemporary folk touch and it’s kinda addicting 🙂 Andrew Ripp, you did good with this one. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the holiday season and a safe New Year celebration!




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