How The Universe Works

10 Things I Learned from watching Discovery’s ‘How The Universe Works’:

1. The atom is not the smallest of the bunch, see neutrino.

2. There’s this stuff called ‘black’ matter and ‘anti’ matter.

3. Everything we are and see is made of star dust.

4. The night sky just got way more interesting.

5. Science doesn’t always lead to answers, but it does conclude with appropriate questions.

6. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to get through the show with theoretical physicists.

7. The center of the universe is… everywhere, I think 🙂

8. Gravity you are absolutely amazing. I now am deeply thankful for your services.

9. The “Big Bang Theory” is about believing that everything came from nothing.

10. ‘How The Universe Works’ is just as good as ‘Planet Earth’, Discovery Channel, excellent work!

Available on NetFlix, $16.99 Standard Def. on Amazon.



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