“That’s what life is all about, laughing and loving each other, and knowing that people aren’t really gone when they die.” –Little House on the Prairie

1. ‘You and I’ by Exile: I was cruising the hip-hop genre this week and ran across one the goofiest album covers I’ve seen in a long time. It felt like the 40-Year-Old Virgin poster. I have to say though, the 40-Year-Old Virgin movie shocked me, it turned out to be one of my favorite movies and that goes the same for Exile’s new album 4TRK Mind. Lyrics, beats, flow, feel; all of it is on this album. Don’t judge the book by the cover. This is a surprisingly good album if you’ve never heard of Exile.

Exile, a southern California native (SHOUT OUT!!!), is mainly known in the industry as a producer, but dips into rapping occasionally. Blu, Ghostface Killah, Jurassic 5, and Mobb Deep are just a few artists/groups that have used Exile’s services. ‘You and I’ is just one of my favorite tracks on 4TRK Mind, the sample is on point. Check out his new album!

2. ‘No Strings’ by Mayer Hawthorne: I’ve been following this guy all year, so it’s no surprise that he’s on the blog this week. His new album finally dropped this week and with it comes the grooviness you need in your life, Mayer Hawthorne is your man. I’m telling you ladies and gentlemen, this is that guy that has the tools to speak to any generation he wants to. Older AND younger folks dig this guy!

‘No Strings’ is my favorite song off Mayer’s new album How Do You Do. I can’t say enough about Mayer’s style and approach to making the music he makes. It’s nice to see him continue to dig in the crates; rediscovering the feelings of soul music. There’s a lot of ways to check out his material. You can of course purchase his stuff on iTunes, but also check out his videos on YouTube/Vimeo or his Twitter feed (@mayerhawthorne)! Enjoy the goodness that is Mayer Hawthorne.

3. ‘In No Time’ by MuteMath: I saw this band on Jimmy Kimmel the other night and the lead singer, Paul Meany, really impressed me! The four of them rocked out! There new album came out this week, so it made sense to see what it’s all about. Not bad at all.

MuteMath has been together since 2003 and are based out of Louisiana. ‘In No Time’ is my favorite song on their new studio album Odd Soul. Paul Meany’s voice is like Sting, Bono, Adam Levine, Lenny Kravitz, and Jamiroquai all mixed up into one. The rest of the band mates, Roy Mitchell-Cardenas, Todd Gummerman and Darren King put it down as well! Great addition to the library.

YOU’VE GOT MY ATTENTION: Allen Stone! Your new album has been the only full complete album that I’ve purchased this year! I apologize for not knowing about you before this week. But I’m on it now brotha 🙂 One of the best albums of the year by far sir. I’ll spread the word! Keep up it!



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