1. ‘Song for the Suburbs’ by Ben Rector: I think I’m into that Coldplay, U2, Kings of Leon big crowd chorus stuff. You know, when you hear the “Ohhhhh Ohhhhh” in the chorus, your fist is up, your head is down, and your rocking back and forth. I love that kind of stuff and this song gives me that same feeling. One of these new tv shows will probably pick it up.

‘Song for the Suburbs’ is on Ben Rector’s new album Something Like This. I actually picked up a couple other songs off the album because this guy actually sounds like he knows what he’s doing. Rector, born in Tulsa, has been singing and songwriting since high school and has gained a lot of success within the last few years. Give his new album a shot, I’m positive you’ll get some songs.

2. ‘And Ever’ by Casey Veggies: Another young buck fresh out of high school, taking his rap game seriously. Can’t hate on dudes like this. College isn’t for everybody, Kanye is the engineer of that train. So, I try to wish all of these guys the best. It looks like he’s got his paperwork situated in terms of ownership, so I’m sure he’s on his way.

Casey Veggies is affiliated with the Odd Future pack, an indie hip-hop group headed by rapper/producer Tyler, the Creator, but his new album Sleeping In Class definitely stands strong on it’s own. The album features Kendrick Lamar, Dom Kennedy, Mac Miller and Tyler, all up-and-coming names in hip-hop. Take a listen to Casey, he’s young, but he sounds like he’s been doing it for awhile.

3. ‘Give Me Some Time’ by Talonted: I was previewing this song and the beat grabbed me. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was doing or where the beat was, but I gave it some time, pun not intended, and it grew on me. It’s not a normal sounding beat, but the beauty about hip-hop is that not every song is made for the club scene. It’s different and that’s what makes it cool.

You can find ‘Give Me Some Time’ on Talonted’s new album simply titled T. Hailing from New Jersey, Talonted is definitely bringing a fresh new sound to the hip-hop world with songs like this one. If you’re looking out-of-norm check him out!

YOU’VE GOT MY ATTENTION: Lisa Hannigan and your song ‘Passenger’. Such a peaceful song and you have a very soothing voice! I can see a bunch of ladies singing along with you on this one šŸ™‚ I found a live performance on YouTube so I had to put it up this week. Thank you for the great song!



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