Question posed by WordPress, “What were the must-have toys when you were a kid?”

My three “must-have” toys were:

1. The Roller Blade Lightning’s: There was something about this particular pair of roller blades that had every kid in my crew googly-eyed. This was my first major lesson about the quality of a product. The Lightning’s were definitely the more expensive choice, but they were more durable, you didn’t have to saw the break off and oh how the barrings were so smooth. You didn’t get that loud scratching noise when you were cruising in these bad boys. I never was priveleged enough to rock a pair, but if Lightning’s were a BMW M3, I was cruising in a Lexus IS, I don’t remember the brand I had though…




2. Nintendo Gameboy: This was super neccessary for those long car trips.

I was all about having Tetris battles with my bro while were cruising to Santa Barbara or Mammoth. If nobody wanted to play with me then I’d be into The Legend of Zelda. I’d be interested to see what level I can acheive on Tetris now. Oh yeah, I was the guy that plugged headphones into the Gameboy to listen to that wonderful game soundtrack. I couldn’t concentrate if I couldn’t hear it 🙂 Don’t hate 🙂





3. Pogs: This was a pretty quick phase for all of the kids in my neighborhood, but boy was it a crazy one.

Kids were foaming at the mouth if their parents wouldn’t drive them to get the latest slammer. When the game first came out it was innocent; have fun trying to flip over thin pieces of circular cardboard. In a few months, playing pogs turned vicious! Kids thought they were cooler because they had $20 slammers! The worst was when game made it into school. Recess was no more about kickball and running around like William Wallace yelling, “Freedom” at the top of your lungs, it turned into underground gambling rings, kids were going back to class crying because they just lost their favorite silver 8Ball slammer in a best of three. You had to go home and practice! Not only did we have fun we also started to figure out betting techniques and odds at a young age 🙂 Seriously though, those slammers felt good in your hand didn’t they?!?

What were your must-have toys as kid?



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