My goodness, The Fountainhead (1949) just made my all-time favorite list. Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal put it down! Let’s just say, if I had a son, I would seriously consider using Howard Roark (main character’s name) for his first or middle name. As a dude that is trying to accomplish a goal, this movie is inspirational on so many levels. Gosh, now I might have to design some kind of t-shirt in honor of Howard Roark 🙂

The movie is based on the novel ‘The Fountainhead’, written in 1943 by Russian-American philosophical novelist/playwright/screenwriter Ayn Rand. She has an interesting back story.

The discussion about where “original” ideas truly come from has evolved over the years, but the passion, determination, will and belief in one idea hasn’t changed one bit.

If you’re struggling to find a spark of focus within yourself, check out this movie. If you do check out the movie, I’d love to hear your thoughts/reactions!



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