Pack, studio, Wal-Mart, lunch, tornado, storm, tornado #2, storm, airport… let’s just say, I didn’t have enough time to squeeze in the post yesterday…

1. ‘No Strings’ (DJ Jazzy Jeff Roller Boogie Remix) by Mayer Hawthorne: If you haven’t heard of Mr. Hawthorne, check this dude out. To this day, I have absolutely no idea what ‘hipster’ and how the term even came to be, BUT, Mayer Hawthorne is definitely hipsterish 🙂 and I mean that in a good way. I picked this song up because DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mayer Hawthorne is an awesome collaboration. You can’t go wrong with DJ Jazzy Jeff!

Mayer Hawthorne loves to DJ and he is constantly diggin’ in the crates for the oldies. I can tell the guy has a lot of fun putting his music together and I feel like he’s got an awesome ‘fuck it’ attitude when it comes to singing. People are gonna say he’s not the best singer, but I think the whole package is perfect! He’s got some cool vids on YouTube as well so check him out, support good music. How do you define ‘hipster’ anyway?

2. ‘Lil Bruh’ by Jadakiss: Haven’t heard my boy Jadakiss in a while. I’ve always liked his flow and his voice is damn near unforgettable. This song is off his mixtape I Love You (A Dedication To My Fans) and I’m sure it’s bumpin’ in many rides as we speak.

I was listening to the preview and thought it was okay, but then when the horns came in, it made me smile. The horns remind me of the great mariachi trumpets I hear on Spanish radio! Pharrell is on the hook, so I can only assume he produced it. Whoever produced it, the beat is dope. For the band geeks out there, tuba and trumpet players especially, listen to spanish radio when you get bored, the instrumentation will take you back… BAND GEEK FOR LIFE!

3. ‘A Little Bit of Love’ by Brenda Russell: I was crusin’ through the R&B genre and previewed the new Patti Austin album Sound Advice. I’ve seen her on tv covering some great songs, she’s got an awesome voice. The preview for ‘A Little Bit of Love’ sounded really groovy; I was about to buy it, but I wanted to see what the original sounded like.

1979, Brenda Russell released a self titled album including the song ‘A Little Bit of Love’. I know why I like the song! Remember the Big Punisher song ‘Still Not A Player’ when we were growing up? The producer of that hit song sampled ‘A Little Bit of Love’! Gosh, I remember playing the crap out of that song! “Uptown baby, uptown.” 🙂 Thanks Patti Austin for the “sound advice” and bringin’ back some great childhood memories!

YOU’VE GOT MY ATTENTION: David Bazan with your song ‘Virginia’. Thank you for the very chill song.



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