Watching Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals… the Lake Show should be in this game. Oh well, next year peoples…

1. ‘Champagne and Wine’ by Michael Grimm: Besides last season, I’ve never paid much attention to the show America’s Got Talent. There’s not enough time in my day to keep up with TV shows. Last season was actually pretty cool though, Michael Grimm won the entire thing and beat out some very entertaining acts.

The reason why Michael Grimm whooped booty last season? Umm, the dude has talent, hands down. Super soulful and fresh, I wish him the best. ‘Champagne and Wine’ is a sample of how bluesy, soulful and oldie Michael is. Check it, enjoy it as well.

2. ‘Ship in the Dock (Demo) by Kate Voegele: “Because there’s one thing I know that I’m not, well that’s a ship in the dock.” I’ll always listen to a voice and a guitar. There’s something very personal about the combination that I’m drawn to. This week Kate Voegele got me with her chill singing on ‘Ship in the Dock’.

I’m gonna throw it in the “Acoustic/Folkie” playlist. Might even throw it in the “Traveling” playlist as well. What do you think?

3. ‘Ready Set Go’ [Remix] (feat. Big Boi and T.I.) by Killer Mike: You know that face you make when you think you smell dog poop somewhere in the room but can’t find it? Yeah, that face is required when listening to the ‘Ready Set Go’ remix by my Killer Mike. You will also have a serious case of bobbing your head.

I feel like the song has been around for awhile, but I don’t listen to the radio that much so I must have missed it. Who cares, turn it up, once it’s done, skip back, listen to it again.

YOU’VE GOT MY ATTENTION: Company of Thieves. I bought two of you songs today, ‘Nothing in the Flowers’ and ‘Won’t Go Quietly’. I dig, thumbs up.


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