Dude, mothers are awesome. I know it’s not Mother’s Day just yet, but sometimes you have to tell it like it is when you feel it.

1. ‘Feels So Good’ by Kelly Price: I can’t lie, back in the day, I bumped the heck out of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ with Whitney Houston, Faith Evan and Kelly Price. She’s always had a great voice, but she never blew up like I thought she would.

Oh, the summertime, how I love it so. Kelly Price’s ‘Feels So Good’ should fit right in to your summer playlist, for obvious reasons. Bring on the sunsets!

2. ‘Do It for You’ by Fly.Union: Never heard of Fly.Union, but I like what heard off of their album The Greater Than Club – TGTC. They are new, but they sound old, but in a good way.

I will be taking the time to listen to more of their albums. Check out TGTC though, smooth beats, smooth flows, smooth lyrics, legitness all-around.

3. ‘Lovecontract’ by Musiq Soulchild: I blogged about his guy last week! I was glad to see his new album Musiqinthemagiq was just released. The man can sing and he has consistantly put out great music for folks that love R&B/Soul music.

I enjoy hearing 60’s inspired songs and that’s exactly what ‘Lovecontract’ is, they’re always fun, light, and all types of people gravitate to them. Musiq has put together another solid album, check out Musiqinthemagiq when you can.


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