Unexpected, Refreshing, Impromptu-ness

I went to BatteriesPlus with my cousin yesterday to get batteries for my dad’s watches. Side note: BatteriesPlus sells every type of battery you can think of; car, home phone, watch, they’ve got an amazing plethora of batteries, I didn’t know that some of them were sold in stores. Anyway, it was the middle of the week, the middle of the day at a battery store, the place wasn’t busy. We had to wait a little bit, but a nice lady said she could take care of our four watches on the spot, another customer was being helped by the other employee.

An older gentleman walks in, goes up to the counter and assess the situation, he sees that my cousin and I are waiting and the two employees are dilegently working on something behind the counter, the gentleman relaxes and waits. A couple of minutes pass and the guy behind the counter looks up and asked, “Sorry to keep you guys waiting, is there a question I can answer for you while I wrap this up?” The gentlemen smiles, “Yeah, can you tell me the meaning of life?”

I could tell that it was a light-hearted response, but it was cool to see everybody in the store pause and ponder the question for a moment. I think we all had the urge to put in our two cents! The witty reply ultimately lead to everyone laughing; we somehow moved on to figuring out the greatest invention created by man. Six strangers, in a spirited discussion about indoor plumbing at a BatteriesPlus on a random Wednesday afternoon… it was like we were all old friends! Unexpected refreshing impromptu-ness. Good stuff.


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