Wear the Goggles

It’s funny how you can pick up various books on ‘life’ and ‘love’ and read that there are some major similarities amongst every type of person. It can be a book about fear written by a child psychologist, a collection of essays written by a Yoga guru in the early 1900’s or a recent fictional account written by a leader in alternative medicine. The root, from what I can see, is this: EVERYTHING that comes at you, is love.

Everything? Yes. This dude back in 1979 wrote, “See everyone you meet or think of as either extending love, or as being fearful and sending out a call for help, which is a request for love.” I can hear you now, “Whoa, so, when that guy zooms past me while I’m cruising in my classic green 1993 Ford Taurus station wagon and gives me the finger for ‘going to slow’, this guy is really requesting love?” Yup, supposedly, even events like this is love.

Reading “everything that comes at you throughout your day is love” is easy, heck, noticing that it is happening around you is pretty easy to see as well. The hard part I’ve noticed is choosing to live it yourself. Choosing to wear the ‘goggles’, and put the knowledge into action is where the difficulty lies, but it also is where the good stuff is too.

I say experiment, try the goggles on, even if it’s just for one day, or even it’s just while you’re at work. It is a blast. I like to put on the goggles when I’m in the airport. Everyone is hustling to take care of their agenda; they’re only focus is their ticket, their luggage, their flight, their seat, and their destination. I like to get to my departing gate early so i have enough time to sit down and look at all of the busyness and think, “All these people really love each other. We, love, all of us.” It never fails, I always notice a young kid that is rockin’ the goggles because he’s got a big smile on his face just like me.


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