Working On Making Words Come Alive

So what is this blog going to be about? What does ‘We.Love.All.Us.’ mean? In the simplest of terms, I’m working on it.

I had an idea back in 2005 that I wanted to put my name on a shirt. The idea popped in my head while eating dinner with a buddy. We were discussing Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs and how cool it must be to put the words ‘Sean Jean’ on a shirt or some jeans and sell them in large department stores all over the world. ‘Sean John’, the words itself, had me confused though. What was so important about the words, or, what was so powerful about the words that made folks want to purchase those jeans over another pair?

It’s been a journey, but I now can see that ‘Sean John’ is nothing but a brand (some people discover this sooner than most, give me a break). From what I can see, brands are like hot spots for value promoting/promotion. Nike, CocaCola, Apple, Jose Cuervo, Audi, they are all brands. So, here I am trying to find out how to put my values into words and actions so it can resemble a ‘brand’ at some point.

First up, ‘We.Love.All.Us.’ A lady was checking out my shirt the other day and asked what it meant. I said, “It’s a remix of ‘I love all ya’ll’, ‘we love all us’ is a more inclusive statement.” One day, I will have the words to eloquently explain what the phrase means, but until then, all I can say is that it feels right. You might ask, “Well what do you mean ‘we’?” or “What do you mean ‘us’?” And that, my friends, is exactly the same question I have and I feel there is something colossal about how we answer those questions.

Making the words ‘we love all us’ come alive in some way is the goal.


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